Senegalese designer Selly Raby Kane has been on our radar since her first capsule collection. She is often described as a great example of the new generation of hip designers, she reinvents herself and brings a new wave of trends with every season

Look_Book_7 Look_Book_6 Look_Book_23 Look_Book_5 Look_Book_21 Look_Book_4 Look_Book_7 Look_Book_24 Look_Book_22 Look_Book_3 Look_Book_1This Alien Cartoon collection displays eccentricity and resolute contemporary lines. The lookbook was  photographed by Omar Victor Diop and Jean-Baptiste Joire. With her style Selly Raby Kane conveys African pop culture infused with an international urban appeal. Selly Raby Kane’s creations are refined comfortable-fit suits of armour featuring bright traditional colours with a contemporary spin.

22_Look_Book_12 12_Look_Book_9 13_Look_Book_10 14_Look_Book_11 15_Look_Book_17 16_Look_Book_18 17_Look_Book_19 18_Look_Book_13 19_Look_Book_14 20_Look_Book_15 21_Look_Book_16Selly Raby Kane  is a designer brand created in 2008 by Selly Raby Kane a Senegalese fashion designer.  Urban, Afro and pop,  SRK was fed by street art, pop art and music from rock to hip hop. Just like this new generation, urban, curious and opened to the world SRK embodies the ultimate blend. A mix of influences and trends for a unique and uninhibited style. With attention to detail and a passion for accessories, Seraka builds a strong personality, Free and Sophisticated, Rebel and assertive.


Photo Credit: Okay Africa

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