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Mazel John is a new and innovative London based brand is inspired by both Eastern and Western culture and we can’t get over the African-inspired pieces in their debut “Eve Collection”.

According to the brand, their début collection Eve is showcasing West African inspired style & elegance in the form of dresses, pants and skirt suits. They created a collection that was beautiful yet multifunctional and which enhances and celebrates the female form.

Using their signature look which combines various global fashion traditions with European styles to create uniquely bold and stylish pieces for the fashion forward individual, Mazel John encapsulates exotic femininity that is daring and modern and that challenges current concepts of Eastern culture and beauty.

Each outfit has a name, inspired by African female historical figures such as Yoruba’s Oya goddess, Algerian writer, feminist, and filmmaker Assia Djebar, Nigerian writer Chimmanda Adichie and more.

Check out more pieces from the collection below:

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