Fashion Designer, stylist, author and performing artist & lyricist, Liz Ogumbo is one talented lady we admire here at FAB HQ. Liz has been working towards growing her fashion brand concurrently after spending about 14 years working within the fashion/modeling industry, finally birthing her clothing brand, LizOgumbo, which she introduced to the market in 2007.

A clothing line that leaves a sensation of beautiful, practical yet tasteful day-to-day wear, for the fashion-savvy urban woman, LizOgumbo label has continued to grow over the last five years and the latest from the designer comes in the shape of ‘Geometric Masquerade’ which takes its cues from architecture and interiors, our season’s fresh silhouettes bring in a new look and feel inspired by geometry.

In the 1920s characteristic fashion was released from obligations and taboos, allowing fashion designers to break free from the straight-line designs to creating something with more character.

Exploring the use of sustainable fabric options such as basin and rushes of kitenge to give it an African-inspired flare this range presents a wide array of geometric shaped dresses, skirts and ponchos and accessories inspired by artists such as Joel Bless.

The new collection illustrates Liz Ogumbo’s signature style of integrating different forms/silhouttes and shapes into her designs, without compromising femininity and elegance.

Sizes run from UK Size 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and few free-size pieces with a price range XS-L, and prices range from 30EUR-200EUR. International shipping & handling is also available and direct orders may be made through a visit to her showroom in Johannesburg, SA or an email to [email protected] Her online boutique will be launching in Jan 2012.

A lot more exaggerated and bold, these geometric pieces are strictly for the bold and beautiful spirits out there!



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