Ibadi–Aran-Collection-Iro-Buba-Lookbook-FAB-Magazine (5)The “Ibadi–Aran” Collection from Nigerian fashion label Hallero focuses on the Iro & Buba trend currently taking over the Nigerian fashion scene. IBADI–ARAN which simply means Nice waist is a contemporary Iro(wrapper) and Buba(blouse) mix of western and  traditional influences, with special emphasis on creating a crisp and well-defined illusion of a finely sculptured waist line when worn ,even if your hips don’t lie.

Ibadi–Aran-Collection-Iro-Buba-Lookbook-FAB-Magazine (1)According to the designer – Alero Fafowora… “Nigerian women hardly stray far from their roots. The Iro and buba trend is one of such that has been in existence over time. This collection simply defines sexy in a language of conservation irrespective of who you are, what you do and where you are going.”

While we love creative pieces from Nigerian designers, this collection doesn’t seem to have had much work put in. With 5 colours of the very same design, length and texture, it doesn’t seem like the collection is complete. There is also this trend of badges on native/traditional outfits that is taking over Lagos – celebrities put catchy phrases or initials within the badges and while the act is trying to be discouraged, it seems that females are going to embrace it too from this collection.

Ibadi–Aran-Collection-Iro-Buba-Lookbook-FAB-Magazine (2) Ibadi–Aran-Collection-Iro-Buba-Lookbook-FAB-Magazine (3) Ibadi–Aran-Collection-Iro-Buba-Lookbook-FAB-Magazine (4)We appreciate that the designer was trying to modernize the Iro & Buba with folded sleeves and off-shoulder blouses, we also love the bright colours and the African-inspired hairstyles. But we sincerely hope the next collection comes without the uniform-looking badges.


Photography – Kola Oshalusi –Insignia

Makeup – Nsure Makeovers

Models – Isis Models



Tel- 08095469428, 08080118184


29, Bishop Oluwole, Off Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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