Dutch African print brand Vlisco has outdone itself with a new ‘Fantasia’ collection that is quite exquisite. The collection is an explosion of prints on modern pieces for the stylish woman.

Playing with shirt dresses, jackets, waistcoats, slimmed trousers, pencil skirts and more, the brand combines prints beautifully with designs that also beautifully combine warm sunset colours and ton sur ton to give a fabulously flawless and chic collection.

The brand states, “Vlisco has created Wax Hollandais since 1846, and this season is brimming with the unexpected – eclectic designs and vibrant colours, even black and whites. And now it’s your turn. Be brave and express your edge. Wear prints from top to toe. Most of all be original.”

View the lookbook below:

1FashionImage_Look06-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look07-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look09-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look11-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look12-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look13-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look15-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look16-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look17-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look18-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look19-735x1305 1FashionImage_Look20-735x1305 4FashionImage_Look04-735x1305 4FashionImage_Look08-735x1305 MainImage_Look03 MainImage_Look04-735x1305 MainImage_Look05 MainImage_Look06-735x1305 MainImage_Look07-735x1305 MainImage_Look08-735x1305 MainImage_Look09-735x1305 MainImage_Look11-735x1305 MainImage_Look12-735x1305 MainImage_Look13-735x1305 MainImage_Look14 MainImage_Look15-735x1305 MainImage_Look16-735x1305 MainImage_Look17-735x1305 MainImage_Look18-735x1305 MainImage_Look19-735x1305 MainImage_Look20-735x1305

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