This week saw the unveiling of London-based label Bestow Elan’s capsule collection ‘Antithesis’.


The collection, inspired by a celebration of the elegance and womanly attributes of the 1950s woman, began with the desire on the part of the designer Erzumah Ackerson to embody the femininity of the era via the medium of the shapes and fabrics she had chosen. The outcome was a collection of designs which reflect an antithesis – juxtaposition of femininity and class with strength and individuality.

Bestow Elan, the award-winning womenswear label – contemporary in style, inspired by cultural awareness, was created for the discerning female by the designer behind this label Erzumah Ackerson.

Erzumah draws her inspiration from both classic and vintage stimuli, as well as influences from her Ghanaian heritage – which in turn allows her to create garments that are often described as timeless, feminine and chic.


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