Ajepomaa Design Gallery presents a new collection “Navrongo Pursuit”. Navrongo Pursuit is part of the Monsoon 2013 collection which factors in the transition from the current dry season into the rainy season.

The collection represents embarking on a journey and the prospect of looking out into the open and seeing opportunity, a bright future ….a new beginning.


The age- old tale of the town of Navrongo and its founding fathers, three brothers in Ghana’s north-eastern savannah factors in with our three color schemes, earthy green (the grass), muted greys (pre-dawn) and bright coral (fading sunset).

The word Navrongo is a combination of the words “Naga” which means foot and “Voro” which means soft.

By using muted earthy tones like olive, beige, charcoal grey with a punch of coral and salmon along shimmery gold and silver hues, this collection stays true to the signature of ADG aesthetic; clothing for the strong confident woman.

NavrongoP-13 - Copy


NavrongoP-6Fabrics used in the collection include Chantilly lace, silk chiffon, and signature wax block print. The addition of leopard print represents the dominant animal of the savannah region.



Technique such as overlay pleats to form soft structured silhouettes with chiffon and tulle. Most of the designs come in different sizes ranging from a UK size 6 – 18, to a US size 2 – 16.

NavrongoP-16NavrongoP-21For more inquires email: [email protected] or call +233 265 45284. Visit www.ajepomaagallery.com or Like their Facebook page.   wwww.facebook.com/ajepomaadesigngallery on Twitter @ajepomaagallery

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