Rina Chunga is a South African designer with Zambian heritage, heavily influenced by bold, modern-meets-Traditional and quality materials and prints. The following is an overview of her collection inspiration and images from the campaign shot at Crown Mines Johannesburg by Colours Photography. Chitenge Meisie is an African influenced range with a local take on modern/ Western fashion. The Chitenge fabrics are the main fabrics used for the range. I use Chitenge fabric because of what it symbolises, a loyalty to my African roots while having a mind-set that is complete free and open to world views.

‘I think any wearer can identify with that. I’m influenced by it girl Solange Knowles and the bloggers of street etiquette. ‘ says Rina Chunga

Chitenge Meisie is a range for the brave who aren’t shy to pair prints with even more print. The Chitenge fabrics are sourced in my country of origin, Zambia. Fabrics are sourced from Zambia for quality purposes as well as a better range selection. The Chitenge fabric is brought in from Zambia and the then garments are manufactured in Polokwane by a highly skilled Zambian tailor, then the finished garments are exported Johannesburg for sale. View the collection below.


















You can see the full collection as well as prices for the featured pieces at


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