yel6From the very first moment I slighted the colour yellow, I told my mom at the age of 3, I wanted to be in yellow house during my inter-house sport Elementary school days at Pampers Private School, Lagos, Nigeria. yel 334

Not only did I keep pressuring her to get me everything yellow, from my cups , to my hair ribbons, bag pack, also my room curtains , I began to find out the colour yellow brought an excellence taste of sunshine fashionably to my observation. amm44

The only thing I didn’t get being yellow during my childhood was my Barbie dolls, which my Dad began to confuse my favourite colour as pink, I began to leisurely accept it because the colour pink was too pretty also to resist.

According to research, Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the colour spectrum and it Encourages communication easily between people. In fashion, yellow has the ultimate Break through look which is absolutely incredibly attractive.

Wearing the colour yellow to Events, conferences, seminars or meetings, speaks the readiness of you wanting the rightful amount of attention you need. Yellow is bright, beautiful, elegance, radiant and chic, giving you that comfortable feeling without trying too hard.



The colour could be soft and playful, and at the same time; bright and loud. It outstands you from the crowd in a beautiful sense of uniqueness no matter how hard you try to hide.yel55

From touches of yellow on bags, shoes, blazers and accessories you ultimately become the Golden bright girl without having to detail much.





Although , yellow is playful and modish it can also be funny and awkward  when worn with the wrong outfits , patterns and mixtures; making you look  as funny as ’Big Bird’  on Sesame street, or a giant Bumble-bee.




Give your wardrobe and outstanding yellow touch and enjoy all things being Bright and Beautiful.


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