yel6From the very first moment I sighted the colour yellow, I told my mom.  I was only 3.  I wanted…no, passionately desired to be in Yellow House during my inter-house sport right from Elementary school  at Pampers Private School, Lagos, Nigeria. yel 334

Not only did I keep pressuring her to get me everything yellow, from my cups , to my hair ribbons, back pack and of course my room curtains. I began to find out the colour yellow brought an excellence taste of sunshine, fashionably so, to my observation.

The only thing I didn’t get in yellow as a child was my Barbie dolls,hence, my Dad began to confuse my favourite colour as pink. I leisurely accepted this simply because the colour pink was also quite pretty to resist.


amm44 According to research, Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the colour spectrum and it encourages easy communication between people. In fashion, yellow has the ultimate breakthrough look which is absolutely incredibly attractive.

Wearing the colour yellow to red carpet events, conferences, seminars or meetings, speaks about the readiness of the wearer to absorb and enjoy immense amounts of attention. Yellow is bright, beautiful, elegant, radiant and chic, giving you a comfortably conspicous look without trying too hard.



The colour could be soft and playful, and at the same time; bright and loud. It stands you out from the crowd with a beautiful sense of uniqueness.

yel55From touches of yellow on bags, shoes, blazers and accessories you ultimately become the Golden bright girl without having to try hard.






Although yellow is perfect and works with a lot of clothing items and accessories, it can also be funny and awkward  when worn wrong. Be careful to make sure the patterns and combinations work or you may end up looking funnier than ’Big Bird’  on Sesame street, or a giant Bumble-bee!yel



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  1. Michelle Spice

    One of my special colors! Just makes me feel good all over…


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