The funnest thing in life isn’t waiting long hours in traffic no, the frustration can be really intense mostly in big, commercialized cities. Don’t add buckets of frustrated efforts to your already stress-filled day else you worsen the whole experience and make your life the more difficult. Make things a lot easier for you. Before you go lashing out daily curse doses on the road and its animate and in-animate habitual travelers again, see a few profitable things you can do in the midst of all that blaring horn sounds and shout. It’ll be like you escaped the bizarre traffic experience! Excercise your power over this sickening trend as thou occupy thyself!

Reply your mails

You’re superwoman now with the many things you have to deal with especially if you’re in a leadership position at your work place so you might not have had the chance to attend to all of your mails at the office. Here’s the somewhat close to perfect time to turn the frustration around and in your favor.


Cultivate the art of patience

This seems like the hardest especially as the last thing on your mind is cultivating an art – and that of patience! I don’t suppose you live your life on a roller coaster ride either as that creates so much inbalance which in turn destabilizes everything – and to top it up with having to sit in traffic? That will just kill the spirit. Or so you think because waiting helps you learn patience which is a necessary ingredient for coordination. It’s important not to feel frustrated while waiting or you will be frustrated because it will reflect on the outside.


Networking is just about the most powerful tool in business. Thank goodness for the traffic (you didn’t say that out loud?). Chances are you could be on the same bus with some media executive who’s in appealing touch with the other bigger client or brand you’ve been trying to reach for ages. Oh my goodness! There’s your opportunity, don’t lay it to waste.Oh, what? You don’t know how to start the conversation? Think of how much business opportunities you’ll be losing if you walked away from this. That should get you to arise from your wacky slumber.


Now let’s face it. One reason why everything seems so in disarray is as a result of lack of plan. If you have the sitter pick up the kids just before you arrive home and you ensure your assistant cleared up official the junk not forgetting to grace the last essential meeting of the day with your needed presence, it’ll be so much easier for you, right? Right. And you’ll be making more bucks. But ouch! you missed out on one of the above activities, well, that’s why you need your list. Yes, you’ve got your brains but your to-do companion shouldn’t be in there all the time. He needs to get out so you can think up the next ground-breaking idea that will storm the world. So the hold-up might just be a blessing in disguise, don’t you think?

Your idea

To be really honest with yourself, when did you last put pen to paper regarding that brilliant idea of yours or push your plans to the next phase?

Make the most of your opportunities because you hardly ever have the time. You need to stop sitting in traffic, cursing and hissing your worst out and get to doing, working on your dream or that idea or maybe that song (please avoid making a scene on the bus; that’s not your concert ground). You might be at that stage of conception, great. Go right ahead and work towards birthing it and it starts with this. Don’t wait for  no perfect timing because it’ll never come. The perfect time is now. Make the most of it. Great people, influential people readily plunge themselves into opportunities, not wait for them. I suppose you’re one too.


You’ll probably find this engaging. There are different characters on your bus, taxi or train to brighten your day. If your bus is that boring today, create your own comic relief scene – no not by clowning or making a fool of yourself by starting some really irrelevant, socio-economic, Eco-friendly, star buzzing talk-that-makes-no-complete-sense-because-of-your-annoying-insatiable-desire-to-air-complete-nonsese – which isn’t you, all in the name of grabbing attention, just to announce your presence. Your device should save the day. Do you have some jokes in there? Relish them, or better still, write something random in your notepad. Your environment could be a lovely source of inspiration. You never know what you might get out of it. Sights and reactions might be the next break out line for your story.


Your playlist is just about your best companion now. You might want to get in the beat, why not, curb the limits, there no reason to feel limited but please lower voice real hard until it’s ringing in your head only. You don’t want to play class clown, do you?

You can plunge into your favorite now be it sports, news, entertainment news or you just want to listen to all of the adverts – because you enjoy them. Please do. Concentrate on the wonderful things of life. Besides the music will be an outlet to the frustration; you won’t stamp your feet so hard anymore, clench your teeth or yawn really loud.


Life is  beautiful and there’s no reason some traffic jam should mess up your day. the essence is in turning every possible limitation to a possitive stepping stone to reach your heights. Do it!

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