‘ The idea of the unexpected surprise. Women inspire me. I never know how God has managed to create such a variety of women. Life inspires me, so I try to capture that. Inspiration comes to you when you leave yourself open to anything life has to offer. I am inspired by that face, lip, eye or color of skin, but you only know it when you see it. Traveling also rises up the muse in me.’ – Kwesi Abbensetts

Self Portrait

African photographer, Kwesi Abbensetts aka Spaceship George is a South American born photographer, hailing from the country of Guyana.  In 2006 while in his final year of film school at Brooklyn College, Kwesi purchased a FUJI 5600 digital camera and from thereon his love for photography blossomed.  Photography gave him the immediacy that was missing from film.  A self taught photographer, Kwesi had no prior formal training.  After his intensive independent study of visiting bookstores, reading photography books, consulting websites, and experimentation.  Having traveled around the Caribbean from Barbados to Trinidad, Kwesi has shot travel photography in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.  Being self taught has allowed Kwesi to create and shape his own individual template that is identifiably distinct when it comes to creating images.  Kwesi travels shooting documentaries, editorials and look books and has a special way of transforming his subjects into timeless master pieces of art. An amazing story teller.


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