Actress Juliet Ibrahim has laid bare, just how difficult it is for most celebrities to live a simple, care-free life.

The subject of what most celebrities wear for instance has come up for discussion severally, with most trying hard to impress their fans.

juliet ibrahim

On last weekend’s edition of Fashion 101, the actress said for most Ghanaian celebrities, the choice of what to and what not to wear isn’t too big of an issue. Rather, she said, what most celebrities try to avoid at all times, is to repeat the same clothes over and over.

“You know as a celebrity, it is difficult to repeat what you wear, she told host Sandra Ankobiah.

“I am careful about what I wear,” she added. “I am a crazy person; I can try out crazy things. It’s unfortunate for me the kind of things I want to step out in most of the times, they (referring to the general public) might not just get that”.

Her most expensive fashion items till date she said include handbags, suitcases, and bags from some of the world’s leading brands.

Ibrahim’s expose’, sort of, of how most celebrities try too hard to keep up with appearance, plays into the ongoing debate of how many times of what a celebrity wears is considered enough.

While most don’t care, others like Ibrahim do, and would not to repeat, even if it’s just once.

Last weekend’s edition also featured swimwear designer Aya Morrison, during the Sandra’s Discoveries segment.

Fashion 101 returns on Africa Magic Entertainment on Thursday, 5pm, and on GHOne on Sundays, 3pm.

It is produced by ReverbGH and Emerald Paradise Productions.

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