Former lead vocalist and song writer of the estranged Camp Mulla group filled us in on what she’s been up to since her sad exit from the Kenyan group in an interview with Zen Magazine. Camp Mulla made history in 2012 as the first Kenyans to be nominated for a BET award category. Taio and Karun were the first members to leave the contemporary R&B crew before they finally split mid last year. Karun is currently studying Music Performance and Digital arts as a minor in LA.


When asked why she decided to go solo last year plus if her exit was linked to any conflict (s) within the group, Miss Karun clarified that she left because she wanted to explore something different from the usual and her exit from the group was as a result of  outgrowing the norm:

“It wasn’t really about conflict but rather we grew up. We started so young together ‘In my first year of high school’ and now our tastes have expanded, so as our characters too. It only seemed natural to do new things as we all grow up” Karun explained.


She also described her experience on the release of her debut solo album late last year:

“Recording a solo album was one of the best experiences in my life. It was only challenging because i gave myself a crazy deadline around four months and that’s something people take years to record and release but I wanted to do it in four months. There were days it was so hard to come up with lyric or even feel inspired, while other times it just came like a verbal diarrhea.”


Karun seems to be doing well for herself and she has decided to take a break for now as she experiments with her music but she has promised to release a video soon and we cannot wait for the new release.

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Listen to ‘Mwana We’ by Miss Karun

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