Mollie Balogun aka Lolita caught everyone unawares when she released her first “hilarious comedy” skit, Naija Runs Girl back in December, 2012.

Naija-Runz-Girl-600x322Ever since, she has continued to gain grounds, carving a niche and making a  unique brand out of herself, what started as a mere fantasy tinged with naughtiness  to be enjoyed by friends on facebook, as now turned into a medium to make hundreds of thousand worldwide catch the Lolita cum Naija runs girl bug, laugh away worries and at the same time pass a social message in a subtle way.

Born in Ibadan,Nigeria where she grew up , to a Nigerian father and a British mother,Mollie in her videos, cuts across as a razz “OMOALATA” (derogatory term for an uncivilized person in Yoruba) as she relives the life of a lady gold digger, ready to milk that dude dry and over-exploit the natural soft spot men have for ladies.

If you have watched any of her videos you will just love the way she greases the Yoruba accent into her use of Queen’s English, she’s a master at interpreting her  roles as the loud-mouthed, “modern day prostitute.”

While the clips might seem to gloat the way of life of the  wayward and promiscuous Nigerian babes, the skits are intended to show that ills of living  life as a leech.

It might be to early in the day to judge, who outside video blogging lives life as a make up artist and hair extension technician, but using her works thus far as a yardstick, she seems to be turning herself into a burgeoning force of reckon who will go places.

Visit her YouTube channel to see more videos, however view her latest skit “My Fair NAIJABOY” below


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