FAB in America Update

Flight No: FAB Magazine “Cool Issue”
Flight Status: On Time
Estimated Arrival Time: April 27 2011

Considering how often I get delayed at airports it’s no surprise that I’m watching and waiting for the arrival of the new issue of FAB Magazine like I wait for an update on a delayed flight. So on this Easter Sunday when Christians around the world await the resurrection of Christ, I’m awaiting an additional special coming of my own.

My countdown to the day I can finally buy the “Cool Issue” of FAB magazine is almost over. You’ll be pleased to know that in the last few days I’ve resumed my surveillance of the World News store, and have become really familiar with the place now. Last weekend I even set up shop at the Chipotle restaurant across the street and I was quite amazed at how busy that place is on the weekends. I’m proud to say my stake out was hitch free, except for some nice young ladies sitting on a bench outside the store who seemed to get a bit uncomfortable as I circled the block a few times- even though all I was doing was trying to find a parking spot, I swear.

It turns out FAB magazine will be in good company come next week, since the World News also stocks a good number of international magazines and newspapers. I can’t tell you how excited I am about FAB Magazine finally being available in the States, especially on the same week as my birthday. (To the fans: please don’t send me birthday gifts, just buy yourself a copy of the “Cool Issue” and we’re square)

So watch out over the next few days and weeks, as I give updates on FAB Magazine sightings from across the country! (That’s of course assuming the St. Louis airport resumes full operations soon-after being hit by a pretty nasty tornado on Friday night, it’s a real miracle that there were no fatalities. Please do keep my adopted hometown in your prayers this Easter).

PS: I’m expecting all our FAB fans in the US to join me in reporting the FAB magazine sightings, so stay tuned for information on the locations where you can get the “Cool Issue” in your city.


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