Finally it’s here! I got the best birthday gift ever on Wednesday, I drove up to the now famous World News and gasp! There it was! The Cool Issue of FAB Magazine here in Clayton Missouri…

Since I’m in a sharing mood I’ll give my fellow FAB fans in the US a quick guide to becoming FAB. I have to get on a plane early in the morning tomorrow, so I’ll keep this brief…

1. Location, Location, Location: Find the nearest newspaper/magazine shop that stocks FAB Magazine

2. Surveillance: Case the place to make sure they have FAB Magazine (primarily for Barnes & Nobles and Borders stores where it won’t be available for another few days)

3. See, Spot, Grab: Locate FAB Magazine on the shelf/rack and quickly grab a copy (make sure you look around to make sure you were not followed, also look through to ensure it’s the real deal)


4. Stimulate the Economy: This  is the most important step; exchange your priceless copy of FAB Magazine for some sort of legal tender (don’t worry I know it feels like it’s a steal…ssshhh…it’s our little secret)

5. Keep in a cool dry place: Quickly leave the location where you purchased FAB Magazine and take it home right away. Keep it safe and in a cool dry place (it’s advisable to reunite it with it’s older brothers and sisters if possible).

Bonus Step: Document these steps with a camera so you can relive them over and over again!

You’re welcome America!


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  1. Suby

    Lol, love number 4. Yup exchange for a legal tender. Glad to see the Americans now enjoying the joys of FAB Magazine.

    • Oseyi

      It’s my patriotic duty to inform the public! I take it very seriously :)


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