ba1Mario Balotelli is no doubt one football star who has proved his mettle, with mesmerizing display and great footwork, he has all it takes to be ranked among the greatest footballers that have ever roamed the surface of earth … but wait a minute will his behavior allow him achieve that enviable feat.

Combine his antics off the pitch with his comportment on the football field and two words you will use to describe him succinctly are  “enigmatic and unpredictable. ”

Whenever Super Mario goes off , the press and the social media are always in a frenzy,as the issue is often more about what he should not have done.

balFrom wearing an Inter Milian Jersey to the “Striscia la notizia” show, an act which was widely criticized, and one which led to his “eviction” from the Inter Milan squad in 2010,  to and the recent bust up with his coach and mentor, Roberto Macini, which has fueled speculations that he might be off the Manchester City team in a jiffy, his eccentric behaviour are many and well documented.

Watch these YouTube video  of 50 craziest things Mario Baruwah Balloteli has ever done, to know more about this weird one.

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