FAB Hearts: Jada Pinkett Smith Insists She Isn’t Ever Leaving Will Smith

Both top entertainment stars, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have remained an inspiration to many, modelling how that marriage isn’t just a beautiful thing but a blessing that can last – especially in the divorce-plagued world of Hollywood and it’s stars.


The couple who have stayed on married for 18 years (since getting married in 1995) however, have had their fair share of troubles and rumors trailing them of possible break up and this isn’t the first time that they have maintained how undoubtedly close-knit they are with each passing day but Jada felt the need to further reinstate the fact and emphasize that “nothing” Will does will make her leave him.

The Smiths

The Smiths

She told Redbook Magazine in a talk of her convictions: ”What is the thing that Will could do that would make me not love him? That would make me leave him? I can’t think of one. I’m sorry. Except if he did something bad to the kids – now we’ve got a problem. But that’s it. We’ve had such an extraordinary life together.”

Watch Jaden Smith in the trailer for Karate Kid

The children of the couple, Jaden and Willow Smith both have budding careers with Jaden thriving as a young actor and Willow doing her music. Will however also stated in a recent interview that he would never force his children on being entertainment stars and would rather have them choose their career path. Guess entertainment and success just comes naturally to the family.

See the younger child in her “Whip my hair” music video


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