Yvonne Nelson & Iyanya

Yes, it’s (sadly?) true. The four-month-old relationship that existed between Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson and Nigerian musician, Iyanya is ended. OMG, they are finally over!

Tonto Dike; Actress and up coming musician

Yvonne , obviously hurt by the breakup – let’s say she initiated it after she found out lover boy was ‘cheating’ on her – used the social networking site, Twitter (yes, it’s that serious) to vent all of the anger, pain, disgust… the list is endless, trust me.

Yvonne needn’t bother her pretty little head about the sad turn of events, really because many a girl have been down that road and guess what? They’re doing better than they thought they would. Besides, why go on Twitter (of all places) to wash your dirty laundry?

She’ll get over him in no time but first of all, girlfriend needs a hug.

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