The days where you have to spend hours on your hair are over, meet ‘the bun’ it’s simple yet sophisticated and it gives you that defining look. No matter what hair type you have or what outfit you’re wearing, you can still work it; the go to hairstyle when you want to keep things simple or you’re in a hurry.

It’s a hair style that caught my attention, mainly because it really allows you to see someone’s face, their bone structure and appreciate their beauty. There are so many people, who may not be confident wearing their hair down, but at the same time do not want to keep playing the pony tail card; this look is something different that can take you away from that.  It is also up to you how you own the look; you can maneuver the position of the bun, shave the outside area of the bun so it’s the centerpiece or just keep it traditional; whichever you choose you’re sure to catch someone’s eye.

More women should consider trying it, I’m a strong believer in the idea that you can never truly see the beauty in a person’s face until you pull away all that hair, it gives off a sort of naked yet elegant feel.

Furthermore if you’re a women who is going to be doing a lot of active work, it is definitely a look to go to, because you’re most likely in an environment where it’s an inconvenience to have your hair dangling in your face or generally in the way.

Another important thing to remember is you can say a lot more with your hair, when you do a lot less.


Here’s a tutorial for those who aren’t familiar with how to do one, bearing in mind this is just one of many hair bun styles you can do



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