FAB Hair: Beyoncé rocks blonde braids and unveils Blue-Ivy

So we barely get to have a glimpse of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s baby Blue-Ivy, but recently Beyoncé decided to unveil her to the world, aside from the pictures she posted to her tumblr page. Usually Blue-Ivy is heavily shielded and we only ever get to see those cute tiny feet, but lo and behold we now get to see her face, and it’s definitely obvious despite the blurriness that Baby Blue has taken the best features from both parents, as she (in all her cuteness) stares of into the distance with those adorable chubby cheeks.

Beyoncé and Blue-Ivy

Speaking of changes, Beyoncé is now rocking some blonde braids, which she recently debuted at Nas’s album release party, but took a seat out from the picture taking, to let her man Jay Z who was also at the event, get his shine on. We love the braids, and think it suits her perfectly, as it shows that Beyoncé isn’t afraid to let go of the weave now and again, and go back to those Destiny Child days, as well as the fact that it must be so much more convenient for her, since she is a mum, and there is no fuss with braids.

Beyoncé  in Manhattan with Baby Blue-Ivy

I’m quite sure that like the Rihanna red hair phenomenon, many females all over the world will be hoping on the braids wave again, and letting that weave rest till the winter. We already know Beyoncé is a trend a setter, much like her sister Solange who is always keeping her hairstyles natural, with her braids and short hair, so definitely expect to see others following suite.

 Solange Knowles with braided topknot

Credit:Image two from Necole Bitchie


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