Kim and Kanye; probably looking up to the heavens for a clue to baby Kardashian's name

Kim and Kanye; probably looking up to the heavens for a clue to baby Kardashian’s name

Only six months away from being parents, Kim Kardashian and boyfriend, Kanye west seem unable to contain their joy as Kim had spoken to the media about names for the baby boy/girl.

“We’re not sure yet“, Kim had blurted out about what name their baby will be having. She also talked about having to “think about” whether or nor their future child will have a “K” name, just  to carry on the family tradition. “I have to discuss that with my boyfriend to see where we are. But we’ll keep the name private, I think, whenever we decide.”

Unfortunately or so, we won’t be ‘keeping up’ with the little Kardashian – at least not up close like the rest of them. Kim will do everything to protect her family, the ones she loves and their privacy. “I don’t want my career to overshadow the love in my life. I feel like I have divulged so much in the past. Not that that was wrong, but I just choose to be a little bit more private this time around, just for me and my family. I like to keep all that stuff about why it’s so perfect and why it works and all that just between us”, she had said, specifically of her relationship with West. When you thought there wasn’t anything more private about the Kardashians!

Let us know what baby names you have thought of and feel free to fix in a “K” legacy – if you so wish.

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