It’s no more news among the close friends of Goldie Harvey, one of Nigeria’s hottest female artiste that were present at the private party organized in her honor to celebrate her recent reloaded album release “GOLD” under Kennis Music.The private party was hosted at the home of her
new arab friend Neyal, a Dubai born millionaire business man. The party play host to few of her friends including the CEO of Kennis Music Mr.Kenny Ogungbe, her record label.

The announcement was made by her found love Neyal at the party after her speech. Neyal thanks everyone for coming to the party and make the surprised announcement to invest $200,000 on her new reloaded album project and promise to invest more later.

Congratulations! is all we can say to you Goldie Harvey and to Kennis Music…THIS IS A BIG BALL. We are all looking forward to a successful reloaded album project.

The reloaded album is available only online for now and they said it will be hitting the streets and all music stores worldwide in few weeks time.
Goldie Harvey was once classified as the richest female musician in Nigeria and now with $200,000 investment,she is now a super rich female musician in
Africa. One of her recent twitter status reads:


@goldieharvey OWO TI POO– Meaning Money plenty.

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