Old love never dies….

Or rather, some love never dies.

Just last week we reported Rihanna been seen around town with our FAB boy – Dudley, hoping a budding relationship was developing. It seems that was just our imaginations.

They broke up last December blaming their long distance relationship and busy careers, while some said it was because Matt was cheating.  But if Matt’s already traveling across the world from L.A. to go see homegirl for a few nights, sounds like both are feenin’ for that old thing back.  Matt always seemed enamored with her.

While partying in London last night (well, 2AM this morning), RiRi tried to sneak out the back door of Peter Stringfellows Gentleman’s Club in Soho, London.  Why so sneaky when she’s always paparazzi ready?  Maybe that’s because her ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp, who some say cheated on her even though they said long-distance was the culprit, was spotted in the passenger seat of her awaiting car!

Rihanna hid her face and flipped off the cameras once inside the car with Mr. Kemp and her PR bestie Jen.

Hey Riri, why give us that sign?


Are they back together? What happened to cute Dudley?

Well, Time will tell.

Rihanna and Dudley leaving a club last week

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