Two years ago, Drake was linked with Houston Stripper, Maliah Michelle and it sure seemed like a fun ride. The rapper flew her out to Jamaica to play lead in his “Find Your Love” music video. We are not exactly sure what really happened with the duo, but two years after, it looks like the couple have moved on from each other.  Maliah spent the bulk of late last year being wined and dined and taken to award shows by Sean Kingston who certainly had no problems picking up where Drake left off.

Although we haven’t heard a peep about Maliah from Drake since 2009, yesterday he hopped on twitter for a little subliminal tweeting:

Sometimes I wanna tweet things like “B-tch how you stop f-ckin with me and now you live on twitter everyday”…but then I just don’t.”
Although Drake may or may not have been tweeting about Maliah, she definitely took it to heart. She tweeted back:
Lmao Yess I love twitter and I don’t f**k with disrespectful crybaby ass n-ggas that’s y
Drake responded:

Guilty consciences all around me. Lol.



Seriously guys, take your personal issues off twitter.

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