Oprah Winfrey gives away a car to an audience member on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Wednesday

Yes! Oprah Winfrey gave away a brand new car but it was not on her own show. Oprah gave the car away during an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.

.Oprah, 59, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, to promote her new movie ‘The Butler.’ However, in the middle of the interview she said, ‘she had gotten that feeling again’.

Oprah then combed through the audience and finally picked a young woman named Britney. She then said excitedly to Britney, ‘You, you get a car! You get a car!’, as confetti rained down on the studio.

Britney was then shown to her brand new Ford Fusion Energi Hybrid car as Oprah said: ‘Every once in a while, Jimmy, it just happens. Especially when I skip lunch.’

'You, you get a car! You get a car!' Oprah Winfrey said to a lucky member of Kimmel's audienceWednesday was audience member Britney's lucky day as she was gifted a free set of wheels.

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