Reports making  the rounds have it that one of Africa’s better known reggae act, Majek Fashek is kind of acting weird again after a relative period of calm.Majek-Fashek-Cover-to-use

The report which emerged yesterday, says the musician once unarguably  the best-known reggae artist in Nigeria becomes violent at will, breaks bottles and hallucinates.

Confirming this report,  Haija Oluremi Dangaji, CEO of his management company, A-Plus Entertainment, said “He has become a shadow of his old self, breaking bottles and behaving very abnormal. In fact, he has not been himself since he returned to the country. Right now, he is hospitalized. We are trying to stabilize his condition.”

For lovers of reggae in the late 80’s and early 90’s  Majek was like the real deal, lyrics of his songs from albums such as , Prisoner of Conscience (1985), Spirit of Love(1991),Rainmaker(1997) were signature tunes registered in the heart of many. Much later in the 21st century he recorded Little Patience(2005).

Majek’s journey to dwindling fortunes began when he left the shore of Nigeria for the United States in the late 90’s and started fiddling with narcotics.

The reggae musician who was once touted as the next Bob Marley did a wonderful  rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”  on his first album, for many years roamed the streets of the USA looking to improve his fortunes to no avail, the frustration and the use of  cocaine all contributed to the psychological and mental ill health he is experiencing at the moment.

Although, many regard him as a spent force, he has just finished an album to rejuvenate his career, with plans in top gear to release the album this week, but these plans have been halted until he his of stable mind.

Majek first shot into the limelight on a television show in the early 1980s as a member of Benin-based reggae group Jastix. Bandmates included Ras Kimono and Amos McRoy Gregg. They toured for many years with fellow reggae group The Mandators. In 1988, after Jastix disbanded, he began a solo career. His song “Send Down The Rain” was a hit, and he won six US-based PMAN Music Awards.


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  1. Michelle Spice

    Does this guy have mental health issues or spiritual issues? If he’s a Reggae artiste he is suppose to cool, calm and collective! What’s up with him?


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