This is both hilarious and unbelievable. But it is true. It is the story of love and hurt. And donated kidney.

imageA British woman who donated her kidney to her husband is now asking for it back after discovering that he cheated on her with a friend while she was recovering from the surgery. Ouch!

According to reports the 41-year-old Samantha Lamb of Devon, Britain, married Andy Lamb in 2007 and gave him one of her kidneys in 2010 when he became ill and needed a transplant.Soon after the operation, however, Samantha began suspecting her husband was cheating on her.

She noticed he had become moody and distant. She says he began spending much more time than usual on his computer. Then one day she came across a sexually-charged conversation Andy was having with someone online.

imageAndy denied that he physically cheated on his wife and claimed that he was only with the woman to help train her dog. His alibi was however rendered false when the other woman admitted to the affair.

And now Samantha has filed for divorce, asking for her kidney back as well.

Seems all so messy. Unfortunately for Samantha and fortunately for Andy, the court does not have jurisdiction over a donated body part that has already been implanted so she probably won’t be getting that kidney back.

Speaking to UK Mirror, Samantha stated “…I hate him. If I could I’d take it back and give it someone else. Obviously I don’t want people to be put off putting their names on the organ donor list. But all I want from him is his name on the divorce papers.”

She says that Andy will at least “always have to remember where the kidney came from.”

imageYikes! Bet this will make husbands think twice before cheating? If only for possible health situations in the future.

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