It seems all really is well in the Carter-Knowles clan. Yesterday there were reports of people having spotted Solange and JayZ jewelry shopping together in New York. This came as a surprise to most of us seeing that a few hours earlier a shocking video had been released by TMZ that showed Solange ferociously attacking JayZ in an elevator while Beyonce watched idly.

Later there were speculations that Solange had taken off all her pictures with Beyonce on her Instagram page while Beyonce and JayZ were spotted at several basketball games smiling and having a good time.

So much drama in the past 48 hours and while it seems the drama reached a climax yesterday on social media, all seems to be well again with the Carter-Knowles clan judging by Beyonce’s Instagram upload.

The photo is from happier times when Beyonce surprised Solange on stage during a Coachella music festival performance. The two sisters had hugged and screamed in excitement.

There have also been other uploads on Beyonce’s Instagram page of the two sisters being, well, sisters. The pictures are cute and seem like a subtle apology. We think her uploads can signify one of two things – a) All is well in their world or b) she is reaching out to Solange.

Which do you think it is?

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  1. Fab

    Or she’s just saying, ‘Family comes first!’…You were here before JayZ!


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