Maheeda claims she is a musician but yet no one knows her music nor do her ‘peers’ even attest to her existence in the industry. Yet she has managed to become famous or infamous with her social media antics, especially on instagram where she started posting racy and suggestive images that a number of gossip blogs were excited to put up on their websites.

However, Maheedas instagram page started the final journey to its ‘waterloo’ on the 27th of October, 2013, when the famous or infamous Maheeda put up some nude photos of herself on her Instagram page ‘for her fans’. One of the images showed an exposed male member and was aptly captioned ‘worshipping at her church on Sunday’.

However, we believe that would be the proverbial  last straw that broke the camels back as on the 28th of October, 2013, Instagram was forced to take down her account due to a breach of its laws and regulations. Responding to the blocking of her account Maheeda took to twitter and said:






Some have described Maheeda as a ‘working girl’ based in Amsterdam advertising her wares and others have described her as a hurting victim of rape or some other form of abuse crying for help. Whatever it may be, we hope Maheeda finds peace…soon.

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