Damn it! What the heck? Just when we thought and hoped there wouldn’t be any more breakup stories from this wing, these two burden us again with their rocky love (or not) life. How pathetic! Maybe the guy on The Soup (comedy show on E!) was right when he said of the “couple”: “…shows how tough a relationship can be for 2 young lesbians”. No, they’re not. It’s his joke getting the better side of him.

But Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber need to put it together, please. Or is it just Justin upsetting the progress of their relationship? Probably so; probably not. Although no one is sure of the reason for the breakup but it’s said that Justin is the one who messed up. Again.

Here’s what the accuser of Justin says: “Justin looked like he was celebrating with his friends, about four guys. They stayed for a couple of hours, and yes tons of girls kept flirting with him or at least tried to flirt with him. He didn’t seem to mind the attention even though he was trying to eat dinner. He seemed pretty happy.”

Don't you just love them this way?

Don’t you just love them this way?

Hmmmm…. Justin! Well, if that’s true…sorry for him. The girl better for (safe and unbroken heart’s sake) get herself a man. A source also confirmed; “They are not together right now. They are just friends. They are always on and off.” 

They probably are just meant to be friends. Sad though. After the two broke up months back, they had talks (which Justin initiated and had to plead many days before she agreed) and Selena accepted him into her, loving, forgiving arms. Hope those arms have thorns now. Justin won’t feel too comfortable in them and will learn to behave – well that’s if our dear Selena is gullible enough to accept him back again after she confirms the “flirting” story is true.

Watch the video a fan put together of Selena‘s title, “When You’re Gone” and please don’t cry

But seriously, I can bet that Selena‘s not going to breakdown on this one. She’s jilted him because he cheated and she can do it again without looking back. After all, she’s got strong confidants by her side. Yes; look in the picture below and you’ll see.

Selena's the one with the mini

Selena’s the one with the mini


Also see her version of Cry me a river” she performed months ago when Justin cheated on her and she dumped him fast.

What do you seriously think of this on-off couple?

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