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Peter Okoye, of the Psquare duo shared photos of himself and daughter, Aliona Okoye via Instagram yesterday evening. Aliona is Peter and Lola Omotayo-Okoye’s second kid right after Cameron who is the first child of the couple.

Aliona Okoye is one

Peter Okoye and son (Cameron)

More pictures of the mini family party, rolled in this morning. In attendance were close family relations, Cameron, Paul Okoye and his fiance, Anita Isama plus their son. The PSquare duo are having a remarkable stay with their family in Atlanta. Peter and his brother Paul acquired deluxe homes in Buckhead for comfort, a few days ago, (Click here to read).

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Peter Okoye and Aliona Okoye


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PSquare and family

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Aliona Okoye



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