FAB Gist: Sarkodie’s “Illuminati” Video Cost US$90,000


If you needed proof music business is big business, you need look no further than Sarkodie’s recently debuted popular video for “Illuminati”. While the video continues to enjoy heavy rotation and over 60,000 vies and counting on YouTube, it has come to light in an interview with Sarkodie’s manager Sammy Farson that the video took two weeks to shoot and at US$90,000, it is “the most expensive video we have shot so far.”

The video was shot on location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Phamous Philms and directed by award winning Ghanaian director Gyo Gyimah.

Sammy Forson added that “Illuminati” is the first of two videos they shot in Dubai. The second will be released soon.

If you have not seen the video yet, here it is.



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  1. modella says:

    may you reap more than you sowed

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