This once good girl is truly gone bad. Truly bad. She put it this way: Good Girl Gone Bad and definitely meant every single translation from that one concept. Well Rihanna, wild and free (bizarre, I mean to say) as we know her is at it again. Only this time, it’s footage from a concert she had in 2011 that just surfaced online.


In the middle of her performance, she had indicated her need for help to do a lap dance when she said: Holland I might need some help on this part. Any fellas want to help me out?’  She picked out GJ Kooijman and did the lap dance on him. But here’s the thing: GJ’s gay (he contested in the 2010 Mr Gay Netherlands Pageant) and it probably didn’t make any difference to him. Or do you think Rihanna has kicked off some new status in him? Who knows? GJ might confess to not being Gay anymore after that experience. Let us know what you think, though.





Watch the video, though

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