Rihanna has been off Instagram for over a week now and we miss her sorely but the American pop star has kept her social media game up by going hard on Twitter. She has increased her Twitter activity over the past couple of days.

Capture Zvr7s0N1Yesterday Rihanna changed her Twitter avatar to that of a guy wearing a white shirt with the words “#BringBackOurGirls Now!” written on it in black. With this one can assume that Rihanna is joining the long list of international celebrities who have helped to bring awareness to the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls by Boko Haram terrorists exactly a month ago yesterday (April 14, 2014).

After 30 days the girls still have not been found but now there are about 5 nations (China, Israel, France,  America & Britain) helping Nigeria make progress with the search of the girls. As of last report, Boko Haram had made demands for the release of their imprisoned members as an exchange for the girls.

Negotiations are reportedly still taking place and continuous contributions from all over the world is what has been pushing the Nigerian government into action.

Rihanna also changed her header to a black background with the words SOMA to join hands in support and prayer for the 274 people who died after a mine explosion in Soma, Turkey. The death count for the victims is still rising as they continue to search through debris with many more people unaccounted for.

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