Pop star, Rihanna must have had the fame she’s got (not forgetting to mention her nude photos of the past and recent) gotten into her head and doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of remorse for nasty behaviors.

She was out of a Playhouse club in Hollywood two nights ago and as expected, fans, paparrazi (and probably critics) had hurried to get a glimpse and few pictures of her and sign autographs but Riri appeared to be in no mood for that.

As one fan called out to her for free tickets to her concert, he didn’t exactly get a polite answer from her. She had yelled back; “F**k all of y’all. Y’all mothaf**kas better pay, you make enough money off of me. B**ches. Talking bout free tickets! Free tickets these nuts!security guy!'”

Ouch! Wasn’t that a bit too far? She made it sound like a joke, though. Who does that and gets away with it? Rihanna! Those ‘fans’ had better stop booth-licking. It should teach the girl some sense.

Someone actually said she’s nice, insisting, “She told her driver to stop so she could say ‘thank you’ to the security guy!‘ Huh, something! I think niceness should be well-balanced, don’t you?

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