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Last year, Nollywood diva Monalisa Chinda, publisher of the fashion magazine, ‘Monalisa’  launched the debut magazine with the prim and proper of the society in attendance for the event. The successful turn out of the event, elevated expectations of great sales for the magazine, which was reported to be sold for N5,000 per copy.

monaliss chinda records poor sales

Monalisa Chinda as ‘Monalisa’ magazine cover

According to the NET, a source reported a record of very poor sales round the country despite the huge publicity of the magazine both in Nigeria and Ghana. The magazine has not been sighted on the streets by vendors or malls, ‘Vendors are not picking up the magazine, it’s too voluminous and way to expensive’, an insider in Monalisa Chinda’s cohort told NET.

 The poor sales can be observed from different angles like the price of the magazine in relation  to other International standard magazines are sold within price range of N1,000-N2,000 which is fare enough for an average Nigerian elite. The actress, may have set the standard too high particularly the publishing industry where sales are minimal.

monaliss chinda records poor sales.JPG3.JPG2

Monalisa Chinda

The second publication of the magazine has been reported to be in sight. which is expected to be reduced to 250-280 pages different from the debut publication, with 336 pages. ‘Vendors are not picking up the magazine, it’s too voluminous and way to expensive’, a source told NET.

 Hopefully Monalisa gets it right this time or what do the FAB readers think?

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