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Nollywood actress, Biola Ige claims she is another victim of cyber bullies with reference to the viral photo of a sex scene in the movie ‘Pregnant Hawkers’ involving co-actor Muna Obiekwe who was ostensibly fondling her breast.

The budding actress insisted that the obscene photo was Photoshopped in an interview with Vanguard “It must have been Photoshopped” Ige said adding that “the movie was shot two years ago, and I and Muna didn’t do anything like that” She affirmed.


Muna Obiekwe and Muna

Read excerpts from the  interview below:

How did that picture come about, because both of you were pictured smooching?

All I know is that there was nothing like that, nobody in his right senses will do that in front of the cameras .I just want people to go and watch the movie ‘Pregnant Hawkers’ and if they see something like that in the movie, then, they can judge me and label me anything they wish.

So, are you saying the picture is a product of photoshop or what?

Yes, that is what I think it is, because what I know is that, I shot that movie two years ago, and I and Muna didn’t do anything like that. It must have been photoshopped.

What part did you play in the movie ‘Pregnant Hawkers’?

My character was that of a poor girl who grew up in the slum. She hawks for a living and had to make ends meet by sleeping with men and then she finally got this rich man (Muna) sleeping with her and she was getting money from him in order to take care of her family.

That is the role I played in the movie. As an actress, I can go all out to play a role because that is what I do for a living. I just want people to understand that, if you are praying for a change in Nollywood , you need to take it to another level .Hollywood didn’t get to where it is today by shying away from interpreting roles as the script says.

This same set of people say Nigerian movies are crap and they see someone who is trying to do her job and they go all out to complain. The difference here, is the issue of nudity and people saying that this person was sucking my nipple.This is the truth about it, they should go and watch the movie, then, they can come and judge me later.

Why do you think anyone will love to circulate such a thing?

I am the kind of actress people tell I am not good at what I do but I believe in myself and I know that I am good. I interpret my roles the way others don’t . It is safe for me to say that my acting is not for the Nigerian market really, it is for the people who are exposed in life and willing to accept change. I am very different. If the script says you should make love, I am ready to make it as real as possible.

In the number of years that I have been acting, a lot of my colleagues are not happy .Why? Just because you cannot do something, does not mean another person cannot do it. Now, for this picture to have gotten out, I know it’s somebody, somewhere, trying to sabotage my image.

They know that I have been out of the scene for some years, and they know that I am ready to come back on the scene. This is their own way of saying, ‘go back to where you are coming from, we don’t want you’ .It’s like a threat to whoever released this picture and I don’t care.

From what you are saying, you are the kind of actress that can take up sex scenes….?

Of course, this is an art, I am an actress. I am born to act. If it’s not in you, you can’t go all out to do it. Angelina Jolie cannot be an actress if the fire isn’t in her. The Nigerian mentality is hypocritical. We condemn Western values and still copy them. If you are ready to copy the Western world, why don’t you go all out? Why are you pretending to be an actor if you cannot go all out to do your job?

This is what you are being paid for, a way to make ends meet .Why can’t you do anything for your job; why are we always pretending? I, Biola Ige, can do anything for the arts, for my job.

If anybody has another opinion about it, no problem, they should keep it to themselves .Opinions cannot pay my bills. the last time I checked, I cannot put someone’s opinion into an ATM machine and it will turn into money that I will use to feed myself and my family.

But the picture that is all over the internet- did you engage in the act?

I didn’t do it, that is why I have been saying people need to go and see the movie. If you see that scene in the movie, call me and judge me and even do whatever you like when you see me. Don’t say anything until you watch the movie. They are making it look as if it’s a fresh movie that we just shot.

What do you think about Biola Ige’s story? Is it possible the image was Photoshopped?

Read full interview here

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  1. Michelle Spice

    Whatever he wants to show the world about what happening in their bedroom is normal. A man and a woman… They are both consenting adults she was not forced or he was not forced!

    Norm all the way.


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