FAB Gist: New Rap Talent Discovered in Owerri by MI?

XBUSTA and M.I 2 When 23-year-old Golden Chinedu Okafor stepped into Hero Square Owerri for the annual Star Music Trek, he had only three things in mind. 1: To hang out with his buddies, 2: Have a couple of drinks on them. 3 Watch some of the greatest performers in Africa.

One hour later Golden, a.k.a X Busta was performing on stage with one of the greatest artists in Africa: MI.The proverbial opportunity of a lifetime.

Golden, encouraged by his friends, had the ‘golden’ opportunity to freestyle on stage just like many other upcomers who came to show their talent. But after witnessing his performance, Gbenga Adeyinka, the gregarious MC who isn’t easily impressed, quickly promised to personally introduce him to M.I when the prolific rapper eventually got on stage.

The 400 level student studying Estate Management at Imo State University who also happens to be the Director of Socials of his institution is an amazing bundle of talent, spitting lyrics viciously and free styling in a unique and appealing way which caught the attention of thousands of music fans at ‘The Trek’ as well as Chocolate City boss, MI.

M.I called Busta to join him on stage during his set; allowing the young rapper freestyle before the thousands of fans at Heroes Square.

The rapper without hesitation removed his jacket handing it over to the elated upcomer, almost as if passing over a mantle.

MI and Golden M.I and XBUSTA performing XBUSTA and M.I MI and Golden at Owerri Star Music Trek

“Music is seriously what I want to do for a lifetime,” the young man says emphatically. “It’s what I’m passionate about and to have this boost so early on…it’s unbelievable,” he added.

Well there’s no doubt that MI’s evocative prayers for him on that stage will certainly prove to be an enormous boost as he proclaimed to X Busta with a bow “May God keep you, may God bless you. Everything I have achieved will be your beginning.”

MI JPG X Busta performing at Hero Square Owerri Star Music Trek

Busta, apparently is yet to step off cloud nine “It’s about the most unreal thing in the world. I don’t know anybody here and I don’t know any member of MI’s crew. One minute, I’m in the crowd chillin’ with my friends and the next minute I’m right next to MI on stage, performing Nobody Test Me together.This is the stuff dreams are made of.”

And M.I has promised to ‘‘stay in touch’’ with his new friend. Could Busta end up being the latest Chocolate City?


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