Breezy…. Really? After his recent blow out with comedian/cyber bully Jenny Johnson last month, Chris Brown had supposedly “quit” Twitter only to come back since with a more easy, breezy attitude. However, the singer’s Instagram account, “Fuckyopictures,”tells a story far darker than his snaps of tour photos, parties, his two leading ladies Rihanna and Karrueche Tran and expensive Rolex watches.

After a few fans wondered if he was getting a little too thin, Brown hit back with another hostile outburst:


Shane Roberts of the health blog Frugivore wonders if Brown’s reaction may be due to his own insecurities about his body, what is more worrying is Breezy’s volatile behaviour on social media and just easily he can turn hostile in the face of criticism, especially from female fans as opposed to male fans.

We would really love to cut some slack and give Chris the benefit of the doubt, but is it perhaps time for his PR team to ban him off social media until he can deal with his anger management and/or body image issues?


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