Fitness expert and dance instructor, Kafayat Oluwatoying Ameh popularly known as Kaffy took to Instagram to share her inspirational weight loss story. In the long note titled “REALLY WHAT’S YOUR ESCUSE??”, Kaffy explained her complete transformation from a US size 16 to a size 6. who would have thought that the trimmed mother of two was twice her current size?


“REALLY WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE? ?? I remember when I had weight issue back in 2000 and I was a laughing stock of my peers.they kept saying why was I killing myself with all these fitness stuff and yet no result..but unfortunately for dem I lost it all from a US size 16 to a size 6.then I started helping other women achieve the same…These women too started their own excuses for me saying it cuz am still young and cuz I haven’t had kids yet. Well I had my son in 2011, 6 months later I lost d weight.they say cuz it’s natural birth…but it wasn’t. Now I had my daughter 10 weeks ago and am in anoda journey towards my desired body. Care to join me? Will b posting my pictures of this experience.” Kaffy wrote.


Kaffy Before & After


Kaffy’s kids- Eliana & Sean Ameh

The Guinness Book of Records’ Best Dancer welcomed her baby girl, Eliana two months ago in a private hospital in Lagos.

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