Ace Nigerian singer Iyanya has been reported to have made an exorbitant demand to appear on a video of a song he had recorded with South African based Kenyan singer, Habida.



Habida who is a recent act under Kenya’s successful recording company, Gallo Records and Warner Bros could not meet up to the ‘Kukere’ singer’s demands. According to reports from Habida, Iyanya’s management demanded for a whooping sum of $4000 (Sh350,000) which is over five hundred thousand naira (N500,000).

As if that was not enough, they also wanted Habida to buy Iyanya a suit to wear in the video in addition to a private stylist the requested for although that was not a problem as the Kenyan singer was already using his stylist the report from Standard Media stated.“I’m not really sure whether Iyanya is aware of what was happening. I could not meet those demands at that time, and so I have decided to release the song soon.” Habida said.



The ‘Lights Up’ singer Habida has worked with internationally recognized writer and producer, Tyler Perry as an extra in the critically acclaimed House of Payne film.


Ice Prince

Habida has now rerecorded the song with ‘Oleku’ singer Ice Prince, and ‘Kedike’ singer Chidimna.  “Ice prince was excited when he heard the version we did with Chidinma. Initially I wanted to record a different song with him, but he insisted he wanted to be in that one specifically. I will release the three songs soon,” she added.



Iyanya is yet to release any statement to refute/deny this claim.

‘Lights Up’ by Hadiba

‘Kukere’ by Iyanya

In this day and age, it’s hard to find artists who would do anything for the passion and love for music. Everyone is after the money or nothing.

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