fantasiaFantasia Barrino, the former American Idol winner and the lady who dazzles us with her sultry unique voice. However she has had her fair share of upside down tribulations, from being involved with a married man to internet bullying and a suicide attempt. In a recent interview, as part of promotion for her upcoming single with Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot, she reveals exclusive information that she had never before shared with the media.

‘You only heard what you heard, you only got what you got. But you never got to see that real love and that relationship, that friendship that we had. They kept running with this whole knowledge thing, and she stole somebody from some woman…Well, if everybody really looks at it and goes and does their research, I won that case. So obviously, if I won that case, it never was what they said it was. But once something gets out there, people believe everything they hear, or they just put their own twist, their own spin to it…Regardless of what you say, he’s still my son’s father. I still do love him. No, we’re not together, but he’s still a great father, a great friend, and nobody’s gonna change that.’ She said about her relationship with her ex Antwaun Cook, who was married and his wife had gotten her sued for ruining her marriage to Cook.

‘The industry and the internet has become another form of bullying. It’s not about the artist anymore. It’s not about the music anymore. It’s just about I want to know what you do on your down time. I want to know who you’re dating. I want to catch you slipping. It’s not about the music anymore. It’s about what kind of dirt can I dig up, what can I find out about you, where can I find you in the street or in the grocery store and zoom in on that zit that you got from wearing makeup and doing a whole press release and makeup effects your skin, how can I zoom in on that zit and make you look like the ugliest person in the world. Those are the kinds of things I look at and just shake my head. They have made artists unreal. We’re not human anymore. They make us like we don’t have feelings. They make us like we don’t have angry days and sad days. And they totally ignore the music and they focus on things like that. I’m a soul singer so I put my passion into my music. Are you gonna get that or are you just trying to figure out who I’m sleeping with next week?’ – She said about bullying in the entertainment industry.

‘Watch people. Watch everyone that says they love you. Watch everyone that says they’re gonna help you. Always be in control of your stuff. Always read your contracts. Always know what you’re walking into, and always look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself who you are. Tell yourself how beautiful you are. Love yourself. Don’t rely on somebody else to give you that love. Always go after everything that you want, not what everybody else thinks you should do. Stay strong. Stay true to yourself. Watch friendships. Watch relationships. Protect your money. Make sure that you know what’s going in and what’s going out. Make sure you keep good people around and not ‘yes’ people, but people who actually care for you and adore you and don’t want to see anything happen to you. That don’t want nothing from you but just to see you grow and to be the best woman you can be.’ – She responded as advice she will give to herself as she emerged on the music scene.

Finally She dished on her new single ‘Without Me’ featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot. ‘[Missy Elliott and I] have been up all night creating this amazing video for ‘Without Me’ which is with me, Kelly Rowland, and Missy…jotting down all these ideas I have for the video. I’ve never really directed my own video so Missy Elliott allowed me to come in with her and co-direct it and work on the concept. We’re both Cancer women so we both think out the box. We go a little crazy sometimes, but I’m very excited for what we’ve come up with’

Culled from iFelicious

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