FAB GIST: Djimon Hounsou will not appear in Jeta Amata’s new movie

News made the rounds recently about Djimon Hounsou starring in Jeta Amata‘s upcoming film ‘Redemption (The Curse)’. However, the producer has come out on twitter to report this story as false.

The filmmaker recently disclaimed the reports that the Hollywood actor is starring in his upcoming movie.

The press has it wrong, Djimon Hounsou doesnt star in my new film, he only visited my set to discuss another project were working together.’ Amata wrote on his twitter page

Spartacus star, Viva Bianca, sultry Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, pop star, Akon, Nollywood actors Fred Amata (Jeta’s uncle), and Zack Amata (Jeta’s dadwill all appear in the movie.

We believe the movie will still be FAB regardless even though the hunk of an actor called Djimon will do well in a nollywood flick.



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