Dencia seems undeterred by all that is happening around her. With several attacks on her earlier released Whitenicious beauty product, the lightening cream, the Cameroonian singer maintains that she has been making quite a ton of money from people rushing the product. Read more about Dencia and Whitenicious Here

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Whitenicious Glowing Facial Cleanser

Whitenicious Glowing Facial Cleanser

It should come as no surprise then that she has decided to expand and introduce a new product to the line, a Whitenicious Glowing Facial Cleanser. You Can pre-order this new products on the brand site and apparently at the first 50 people to order will get a bonus 5% for their next order on any Whitenicious product.

The product is said to effectively dissolves dirt on skin and unclog pores; helping to rejuvenate a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Ready for Shipping

Ready for Shipping

It really does seem like the products are in high demand. Dencia had earlier stated on her Instagram page that she’ll be in London from “…March 20th to 23rd for my interviews with BBC Focus on Africa, BBC Radio, Channel 4 etc. On the 23rd, I will do a Q & A /Meet & greet. We will host 100 people who will pre-register. We will give away products worth $250 (Whitenicious) to the people who register for just $100. Media houses who will register in Advance will attend for free. Details of the location will be given out when you registration is completed…”.

To be honest this high demand for Whitenicious is an eye opener to the mad thirst for skin bleaching products. People are ready and willing to ignore all health risks in a bid to be several shades lighter.

Is there still such a grotesque discrimination against the black skin that people are running away from being black?

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  1. Katy brown

    It’s obvious dencia isn’t backing down on all media post; she is growing in fame by the day; good job girl ; it’s all about determination: after all she isn’t forcing anyone to buy# head high


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