Fans of the singer in the United states are presently mad at the HKN star due to his unsatisfying and substandard performance in New York on Friday, 28th March, 2014. A lot of his expectant fans were left disappointed by his grim presentation at the concert.

Based on reports, the show was fixed to end at 4.30am, and Davido who didn’t hit the stage on time, left shortly after the show was brought to an end by the city police.

Davido finally got on stage and delivered a show of 20-25 minutes of lip-syncing to his songs, after he refused to take pictures with those who had paid extra for the privilege on their VIP tickets.

This got a lot of fans upset and they took to his Instagram to give him a piece off their minds about his awful stage performance.

Davido-NYC-concert-FAB-Magazine.JPG5 Davido-NYC-concert-FAB-Magazine.JPG6 Davido-NYC-concert-FAB-Magazine.JPG8 Davido-NYC-concert-FAB-Magazine.JPG4 Davido-NYC-concert-FAB-Magazine.JPG3 Davido-NYC-concert-FAB-Magazine.JPG2 Davido-NYC-concert-FAB-Magazine.JPG9

The 21-year-old singer who was concerned about his angry fans sent out a message indicating that the show was shut down due to the interference from higher authorities. Clearly, he had no hard feelings towards the negative responses he got from his devotees.

See Davido’s response below:


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