FAB Gist: Biguesas and Neyll Kicked Out of the House | BBA: The Chase

Biguesas, Neyll & IK

Biguesas, Neyll & IK

Not good news at all, not good news. Two of Angola’s representatives, Biguesas and Neyll at the Big Brother Africa: The Chase were evicted from the house yesterday, Sunday. This makes the third pair of housemates to be evicted.

It was sad for the housemates especially as they found out that Neyll was leaving. It felt like an unpleasant shock as they all went tear-eyed on him – especially the ladies. Neyll must have made an undeniable impression on everyone! Nevertheless, he took the eviction call well.



Biguesas, the likeable one everyone called shy also was a man about it all. No regrets at all about being in the house, they confessed but Biguesas would’ve loved for one Angolan to remain in the house so there would be a representative for and from the Eastern country. He suggested Neyll though since he (Biguesas) was the first one to be evicted. Awww…. how so thoughtful. Isn’t Biguesas such a nice guy? Probably too nice for some of the housemates who perceived him to be such an introvert which prevented him from mixing and basically opening up to converse as much with the other housemates.



Neyll also had some shocking revelations from the other housemates when their opinions were played back. I kind of felt that he felt he sacrificed so much at the house and was always at the receiving end. And most painful, a housemate had revealed he wouldn’t have loved for him to be around as their names sound alike and he probably was suggesting he would first pick Neyll to be out of the house above everyone else. Aww… painful indeed.

And yes, you know, IK, the presenter tried to get them to own up to the fact that they had a thing for this lady or that in the house. Hmmm… no luck! At all. They both said they didn’t feel any attraction beyond friendship for select ladies in the house so no romantic stories. Well, let’s just say yet. Who knows what happens after BBA house 2013? We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Biguesas & Neyll in the house - back then

Biguesas & Neyll in the house – back then

But no worries, Bigeusas and Neyll admitted they have no regrets at all so far and they suggested this is a good start for them so we expect to hear from them in the future. Until then, we have our eyes on the other housemates. Be sure to get all the intriguing stories here. Have a fun week ahead of you!


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