Talk about subtle PR work!

Beyonce and Jayz have done all they can following the elevator beat down by Solange to squash rumors of a rift between the two sisters as well as speculations as to what caused the ferocious attack that we all say in the surveillance video acquired by TMZ.

Thanks to Instagram Beyoncé hugged it out with Solange over the weekend — and shot it up Bonnie & Clyde style with Jay Z in a new video to promote their world tour.

But there’s more! Beyonce also took to her Tumblr page to share pictures from a family gathering in New Orleans over the weekend and pictured in the images are Tina Knowles (Mother), Alan Ferguson (Solange’s boyfriend) Juelz (Solange’s son), Blue Ivy (Beyonce’s daughter) and more.

Bey-family Bey-Jay-Solange Beyonce Juelz-Jay-Solanges-boyfriend

It appears the Carter-Knowles family have really and truly moved on as they were all smiles and hugs in all their pictures. This is a public declaration from the Carter-Knowles clan telling the world to move on. Sadly we will never know what Jay and Solange were saying to each other, but Saturday Night Live has a pretty good guess:

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