Judith Okpara Mazagwu known as Afrocandy shared a message on Twitter seeking for donations, to foot her daughter’s college fees, claiming she needs the money to help out with the admission fees after her porn movie ‘Destructive Instinct’ she debuted early this year recorded poor sales.

Afrocandy blamed it all on her distributors and partners disclosing: ” I was messed up by the partners I trusted, movie was released since January, up until now, not even a dime from the distributors i handed over in Africa”

Last month, Afrocandy had shared the news on her Facebook page informing everyone that her first daughter had been accepted into a university. She took to her Facebook again to share a link soliciting for help: “Ok my people! its time to show your color…Show your support thank you and God bless!” She wrote.


Some of her fans think she is playing a fast one on Nigerians now that she has suddenly gone broke following the zero sales from the movie, she claimed to have invested all her savings in.

Here is what she wrote on her twitter page:




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